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Assess personality in a work context

Personality tests reveal information about a candidate's temperament and overall reliability. Clearly, a person may be competent to do a job, but not particularly suited to succeed in a job. In addition, his or her behaviors are likely to greatly influence his or her attitude on the job and interactions with team members.




By conducting a personality assessment, you will be able to measure relevant characteristics directly related to job performance to help your team determine if your candidates will succeed on the job. 

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Integrative Work Value Scale

Mathieu Busque-Carrier, Ph.D., co org.
Yann Le Corff, Ph.D., co
publication scheduled for June 2022

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Who is Wally?

Assess cognitive abilities

Cognitive ability predicts whether your candidates can actually do the job.


In simple terms, cognitive ability describes candidates; ability to learn, adapt to new situations, solve problems and understand instructions relevant to their job.


The evaluation of cognitive abilities is an essential step in the recruitment of a candidate.

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