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Measure the personality - Soft Skills

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NEO PI 3 is an internationally renowned tool for personality assessment. Since its first version in 1985, the NEO has established itself as a reference in the field of personality assessment.


It is built around the model of the five great personality factors (Big Five).

5 scales

The 30 subscales:

01. Anxiety

02. Anger / Hostility

03. Depression

04. Self-awareness

05. Impulsivity

06. Vulnerability

07. Heat

08. Gregorism

09. Authority

10. Activity

11. Search for sensations

12. Positive emotions 1

3. Opening to Reveries

14. Opening to Aesthetics

15. Opening to Feelings

16. Opening for Shares

17. Opening to Ideas

18. Opening to Values

19. Trust

20. Righteousness

21. Altruism

22. Submission

23. Modesty

24. Sensitivity

25. Competence

26. Order

27. Sense of duty

28. Search for success

29. Self-discipline

30. Reflection

Adapted to the problems found in companies, the NEO PI-3 inventory also covers the field of application of clinical psychology. The NEO PI-3 offers a significant contribution to the diagnosis of specific personality disorders. This specificity of the NEO-PI-3 makes it a particularly recommended tool in the selection of personnel for professions where it is important to obtain reliable information on possible personality disorders.


NEO PI 3 is for adults and teenagers. It is available in online version on

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