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IRP and the professional practice of guidance counselors in Quebec

For more than 50 years, we have been helping guidance counselors in their work as professionals in the helping relationship, guidance and career development. We provide them with assessment tools to facilitate their interventions in the areas of mental health and human relations. Our tests thus support the development of socio-professional autonomy and informed decision-making on the professional, academic and personal levels.

What role can psychometrics play in guidance?


“Psychometric tools play a significant role in the orientation assessment process. More specifically, they promote a deeper understanding of the person's situation by obtaining information that is not otherwise accessible. In addition, the use of reliable and valid psychometric tools increases the objective perspective of the assessment of the person's situation.


Measuring involves the application of certain operating rules which, taking several variables into account, aim to qualify attributes of the person using indicators of these attributes (e.g. tests indicating intelligence, behaviours revealing personality). 


Thus, the choice of the appropriate psychometric tool is a crucial step in the use of the tests, as is the moment of the interpretation of the results prior to or concurrent with their transmission. Throughout these actions taken in the use of psychometric tools, the context must be taken into account, whether it is the context of the assessment or the context of the person who is the subject of it.»



*Orientation Assessment Guide, Order of Guidance Counselors of Quebec, 2010.

What tests are available to you?


Several of our tools have been developed by guidance counselors who have mobilized to achieve excellence in the production of valid and reliable psychometric tests.


We invite you to consult all of our psychometric tests in order to discover quality tools that will support your professional practice. Here is a list of the tests available to you on our digital platform.


Tests designed by cos for cos:


IPLC – Le Corff Personality Inventory (author: Yann Le Corff, Ph.D., co)

DRIVER – Driving Personality Test(author: Cynthia Bilodeau, Ph.D., co)
EIVT – Integrative Scale of Work Values(authors: Yann Le Corff, Ph. D., co, and Mathieu Busque Carrier, Ph. D., co org.)

ICST – Inventory of Safe Workplace Behaviors(author: Cynthia Bilodeau, Ph.D., co)

ISPE – Inventory of Entrepreneurial Personality Styles(author: Cynthia Bilodeau, Ph.D., co)


Other tests available:


NEO-PI 3 – Personality inventory(authors: Robert R. McCrae, Ph.D., and Paul T. Costa Jr., Ph.D.)
IPVI-3 – Personality and Interpersonal Values Inventory 3(authors: Leonard. Gordon,  Ph. D., and Jean-Marc. Chevrier, D. Ps.)

PAI – Personality Inventory(author: Leslie Charles. Morey, Ph. D. / French translation and adaptation: Christiane Routhier, Ph. D.) 

ISGC R – Inventory of Conflict Management Styles

BGTA – General Aptitude Test Battery
CFIT – Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence Test

NVA – Non-Verbal Reasoning Test
QIRP – Cognitive Ability Test
TAM – Mechanical aptitude test
PROFILE – Test of professional interests, long version
PROFILE - VC – Test of professional interests, short version
Wally – Integrated psychometric test

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