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Whether to support students in their career choice, their admission to a professional training program, their learning problems or their entrepreneurship potential, we have a portfolio of psychometric tests adapted to the needs of professionals in the network.

A unique offering in psychometric tests.

For more than 5 years, we have been the only publisher to offer the concept of an unlimited educational license, which allows NPOs to access our library of 20 psychometric tests for a fixed annual fee.


Wally - An Integrated psychometric testing solution.

Obtain a comprehensive assessment of the individual's potential in one report.

Wally lets you assess cognitive abilities, personality, values, and conflict management in a single test and combined report.

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Consult one of our professionals to find out how our psychometric tests can make your business more efficient

The important thing in psychometrics is to evaluate the different aspects of the person: their personality, their interests, their cognitive abilities, their values and their entrepreneurial profile.

Psychometric tests

Humans are complex beings who deserve to be evaluated from all angles.

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Entrepreneurial Profile


Cognitive ability





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Emotional intelligence

Test which will be published in 2024


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