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QIRP. TM – Cognitive Capacity - the g factor






Observation time

Measures cognitive abilities - g factor

Offered online at a cost of $ 20 per administration including the report

Talent acquisition

Career Guidance, Recruitment

HR Director, Counselor, Psychologist



12 mins

Measuring the G factor

QIRP 0.png

The QIRP refers to the concepts included in the g factor, and takes into consideration the person’s reasoning ability, as well as their ability to make logical connections between words, concepts, and mathematical reasoning. In this context, the verbal and numerical skills are at the main focus of the test.

The QIRP was designed to be an instrument meant to measure the g factor (general intelligence).
This test is useful in selection processes, when hiring, or when promoting or transferring of staff.
It provides an assessment of the adult general intelligence and in less than fifteen minutes. This instrument can be used in groups or individually. It is composer of 50 items.

The factors measured are:

  • Verbal factor (understanding);

  • Lexical factor (Mobilization of vocabulary - antonyms -synonyms and word association);

  • Reasoning factor (Define and find links between elements);

  • Numerical Factor (Calculations and series of number sequences);

The QIRP standards allow for an evaluation for different positions, as well as a threshold for each of them.

Standardization sample:

The sample consists of the normalization of 2304 Canadian adults divided by sex and age by a 2006 census data. The sample was composed of the post-stratification of data collected from 3708 people in a work context.


The test was developed meeting the standards of the American Psychological Association, 1999. The alpha validity coefficients are calculated for the total score and subscales. The overall alpha coefficient is 0.82. The coefficients of the sub scales ranged from 0.74 to 0.91. A convergent validity factor was calculated with the Wonderlic, and a 0.89 correlation coefficient was obtained between the results obtained and those obtained with the QIRP. 

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