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Profil- Professional interests inventory

Author: Jean-Sébastien Lévesque








Measures interests in an orientation context

Offered online at a cost of $ 15 per administration including the report

Career orientation, Recruitment

Guidance Counselor, Psychologist at Work HR Director,



20 min short version 45 min

This inventory of professional interests is a handy tool for all guidance practitioners but can also be used by various stakeholders in the education sector, the middle of employability and redirection.

The test Profil is an essential tool to consider in the context of a process of identifying a career choice or socio-professional reintegration.

The test Profil measure the dimensions through many work situations and trades in images.

The inventory allows the identification code of Holland by questionings ment accessible. It provides many clues to support a diverse clientele (youth and adults) in an academic and professional orientation process.


With its many innovative sections, text and images, give a measure of the perception of vocational training (DVS), an indicator of the degree of school involvement and an employability profile in addition, the test provides assistance in choosing a mathematical sequence (CST / TS / SN).


All these elements enable the professional to provide support adapted to various clienteles.

Available for online passation. 

This test is available in electronic format with the possibility of obtaining a reduced annual subscription rate for all non-profit institutions.

Also available in paper / pencil

Passing time: the testing time can vary greatly depending on the options and the type of clients. As an indication, the first 5 sections can take about 30 minutes while the 9 sections may total 50 minutes for the computerized version of the test.

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