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ISPE- Inventory of entrepreneurial personality styles

Cynthia Bilodeau, Ph.D., co;  Eve Lamoureux, co








Measures capacity and entrepreneurial style

Offered online at a cost of $ 25 per administration including the report

Staff Selection, Career Guidance, coaching

Guidance Counselor, Psychologist at Work HR Director,



20 mins

The Inventory of Entrepreneurial Personality Styles (ISPE) is designed to assess your key entrepreneurial characteristics to identify your entrepreneurial style.


The typological approach to the identification of the entrepreneurial personality is based on an understanding that all people possess, to varying degrees, the characteristics of personality that relate to entrepreneurship. The ISPE measures the intensity of each trait that distinguishes the entrepreneurial style of each person.

The PSI measures 12 personality traits that relate to entrepreneurship.

  1. Need for realization

  2. Innovation

  3. Control Locus

  4. Tolerance to ambiguity

  5. Cognitive style

  6. Initiative

  7. Autonomy

  8. Stress management

  9. Perseverance

  10. Sociability

  11. Social nuance

  12. Social audacity

There are six types:

The intensity of the presence of each characteristic is used to identify your type of entrepreneurial personality


ISPE can be used in many ways. He can accompany you in:

  1. Assessing your entrepreneurial potential;

  2. Exploration and self-awareness;

  3. Career plan;

  4. Explore your entrepreneurial style in relation to your entrepreneurial project.

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