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IPLC TM -  Le Corff Personality Inventory

Yann Le Corff, Ph.D., co 


Measuring personality according to the BIG FIVE model





Guidance counselor,

Human Resources Advisor, Organizational Psychologists


15 - 20 mins



Potential assessment

career guidance,  Professional Development,


On the digital platform

The Le Corff Personality Inventory is a Canadian personality assessment tool. It was designed to measure personality traits according to the theory of the five factors (“Big Five”).


This theory, rigorously validated and the subject of a broad consensus in the circles of research in psychology, highlights the existence of five dimensions summarizing in an exhaustive way the personality. These five personality traits reflect a person's relational, emotional, cognitive, motivational, experiential and attitudinal style.


More than 250,000 people assessed to date in Quebec, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Tunisia, Benin, Nigeria, etc...

IPLC uses an algorithm to predict an individual's compatibility.

This personality algorithm has been designed to provide the professional with a detailed analysis of an individual's personality and a measure of the adequacy of the results obtained by this candidate to the desired personality profile.

IRPCANADA Algorithme de personnalité.jpg

The IPLC offers a second level of analysis by subdividing each of the five traits into two more specific facets that allow a finer analysis of the personality. 

modele competence-EN.png

A competency model provides a clear view of the link between one's personality traits and the model of the eight major competencies sought.

The 5 major dimensions and the 10 subscales


Artistic personality

They demonstrate openness to novelty, adaptability, artistic sensitivity and imagination. They are generally creative and capable of innovation.

IPLC - Ouverture
Extraversion - IPLC


Sociability and Positive Emotions

They enjoy influencing and leading, being around people, working in a team and creating social contacts. They generally approach life with enthusiasm and optimism.


Search for success
Reliability and organization

They are conscientious, persevering and disciplined.  They are able to force themselves to exert themselves and have confidence in their ability to succeed despite the difficulties.

IPLC Trait consciencieux Test psychométriques
Homme avec une barbe


Prosocial orientation
Compliance and modesty

They are respectful, warm and take into account the consequences that their choices and decisions have on others. They do not seek to be right or to put themselves in the foreground at the expense of others.

Emotional stability

Emotional control

They have a low propensity for anxiety, depression and anger. They have a good ability to receive criticism and aggression, as well as to remain calm in stressful situations.

Femme d'affaires

There is a wide variety of theories in psychology to conceptualize personality. Among these, it is the trait theory that has been the subject of the main advances of the last two decades.


According to this conceptualization, personality is made up of traits, universal in humans, which vary according to individuals. Thus, all are endowed with the same bipolar traits, but these differ quantitatively in each individual. For example, everyone has some level of extroversion, whether high or low (introversion), but it is impossible not to be able to qualify a person according to this characteristic. The traits translate the cognitive, emotional, relational, experiential, motivational and attitudinal styles, relatively stable over time and across situations, which characterize individuals. 

The IPLC was built on this foundation and presents a valid and faithful measurement of these characteristics.

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