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Test QI , raisonnement non verbal

Registration conditions

In order to register for our digital psychometric testing platform, you must work in certain spheres of activity. Our tests are reserved for the use of these professionals only:

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Corporate HR manager
Psychoeducator, psychoeducator
Advisor, guidance counselor
Occupational therapist

If you cannot provide us with a professional email address, you will need to tell us your professional affiliation or for which company you work, and present a document attesting to this or a link to your employer's website;

Your account will be validated before receiving your login information by email.

Plateforme numérique de tests psychométriques

  • Abonnement unique

    Inscription à la plateforme numérique

    Every year
    Digital platform registration
    • Accès à la plateforme numérique
    • Access to the digital platform
    • Facturation des tests à l'unité selon la grille de prix
    • Unit tests billed according to price list
    • Accès à tous les manuels techniques des tests
    • Access to all technical test manuals
    • Administration des tests et génération des rapports
    • Test administration and report generation
    • Exportation des données en format csv
    • Export data in csv format
    • Toutes autres fonctionnalités de la plateforme
    • All other platform features

How do I register at the digital platform to administer psychometric tests?

Our platform is reserved for evaluation professionals.


All subscription requests are processed by a person from our team in order to validate the information relating to the professional who wishes to access the platform.

The average processing time for a subscription request is less than 24 hours.

Registration steps:

1 – You request a subscription by clicking on the link above.
2 – You provide payment information and submit your request.
3 – Your request is received and analyzed by our team in order to validate your skills.
4 – An administrator account is opened for your organization.
5 – You receive a confirmation email with your connection information.
6 – You are ready to start your assessments.

Conditions of use of the platform:

Annual fee of $5 to have access to the digital platform.
Monthly billing for tests used during the previous month.

No advance purchase of tests or credits.
Deactivation of the account in the event of payment default.

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