Cognitive tests
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Intelligence or cognitive skills account for almost 50% of job performance or success in a training program. Other factors like personality, motivation or environmental factors account for the other 50%.


The use of cognitive skills tests or g-factor tests (General Intelligence) remains one of the most fundamental elements to consider both in the recruitment context and in the context of selection in a training program.


All our tests have recent standards and present a great validity and excellent fidelity. Consult our technical manuals for more details. They are accessible for free after registering on

Tests according to your needs

BGTA: a measure of general abilities including (numerical, spatial, verbal)

CFIT: a comprehensive measure of fluid and crystalline intelligence including verbal, numerical and spatial skills.

QIRP: a short 12-minute test that gives an overall assessment of the G-factor

NVA: a test of matrices without cultural bias, a measure of fluid intelligence TAM: for a specific measurement of mechanical abilities