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Personality assessment in the workplace

Personality tests provide information about a candidates temperament and overall reliability. Obviously, the latter may be competent to do a job, but not particularly adept at succeeding in certain contexts. In addition, his behaviors are likely to greatly influence his attitude at work and his interactions with other team members.


By conducting a personality assessment of your candidates, you will be able to measure relevant characteristics directly related to job performance to help your team determine each person potential for success.

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Assessment of organizational values and preferences

Integrative Work Value Scale (EIVT)

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Yann Le Corff, Ph.D., co

Cognitive capacity assessment

Measuring the cognitive ability of your candidates predicts whether they will actually be able to do the job.


In simple terms, cognitive ability describes candidate's ability to learn, adapt to new situations, solve problems and understand relevant instructions for performing their tasks.


Assessing cognitive ability is an essential step in the recruitment process.

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