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Wally is the solution you are looking for.

A simple test provides all the answers you need!

Wally lets you assess cognitive abilities, personality, values, and conflict management in one combined test and report!
You can then choose the best candidate for your needs. 

Indeed, depending on the type of employee you wish to recruit, an assessment adapted to the reality of the position will be carried out.
Stop making mistakes today with Wally your personal HR assistant.


An algorithm at the service of HR

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How it works

One test, one step-by-step process, one easy-to-use report

Step 1
Assess cognitive abilities

Cognitive ability predicts whether your candidates can actually do the job.


In simple terms, cognitive ability describes candidates' ability to learn, adapt to new situations, solve problems and understand instructions relevant to their job.


The evaluation of cognitive abilities is an essential step in the recruitment of a candidate.


Cognitive ability is widely recognized as the best overall predictor of job performance. For more than 30 years, scientific studies have confirmed that it predicts more than half of work performance. Personality and motivation largely explain the rest.


We apply context-specific cognitive ability tests based on the job profile.

Step 2
Assess personality

Personality tests reveal information about a candidates temperament and overall reliability - obviously, a person may be competent to do a job but not particularly suited to succeed in that job.


Their behaviours greatly influence their attitude at work and their interactions with team members.

The Wally Personality Assessment measures relevant characteristics directly related to job performance to help your team determine if your candidates will succeed on the job.

Step 3
Assess work values

The value test helps identify the values of the person being assessed.

It provides a comparison of   the significance of its values against a normative sample.


The second level ranks the work values according to the importance given to them by the person evaluated.


The third level provides an overall view of work values according to three main dimensions (intrinsic values, extrinsic values and status-related values), which makes it possible to describe the main sources of job satisfaction for the person evaluated.

Step 4
Assess conflict management style

Assessing how new employees will react in a conflict situation allows us to better integrate them into their new jobs. It lets you know in advance how candidates will react in a conflict situation, and their manager can benefit from this foresight to resolve a situation more quickly and easily.

Wally's conflict mode helps individuals resolve interpersonal conflicts and better focus their energy on achieving common goals and favorable outcomes.

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Wally simply identifies strengths and weaknesses.

Wally can instantly check the qualification level for different job categories. 


In a visual and easy to understand report, you get all the information you need to make an informed decision in the context of recruitment.

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Wally is available on our digital platform


Provide an overall assessment of a candidate; strengths and weaknesses






Guidance counselor,

Human Resources Advisor, Organizational Psychologists


60 - 75 minutes



Potential assessment

Professional Development,


On the digital platform

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