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SPI- Inventory of personality related to the sale

Yann Le Corff, Ph.D., co








Measure compatibility to the seller's trade

Offered online at a cost of $ 25 per administration including the report

Staff Selection, Recruitment

HR Director, Guidance Counselor, Work Psychologist



15 mins

More than 30 years of research shows that top performers share 3 personality traits that influence their job performance.


Our sales test provides a valid and reliable measure of these three characteristics of successful salespeople.


The combination of these three variables makes it possible to determine the people with the greatest potential to succeed and perform in a sales context.


This dimension of the personality makes it possible to evaluate the degree to which a person is hardworking and disciplined, aims for excellence, is persevering, has confidence in his ability to succeed and is reliable, methodical and organized.

Search for success

Degree to which a person has high ambitions, sets goals for success, strives for excellence, works hard and is willing to make sacrifices to succeed.


A person's degree of perseverance in dealing with difficulties and distractions, ability to stay motivated and focused on the task, willingness to finish what she started.

Sense of competence

Confidence that a person shows in his / her skills and ability to succeed, and level of self-esteem.


A person's tendency to be reliable, organized, and to respect their commitments


This dimension of the personality makes it possible to evaluate the degree to which a person is sociable and is comfortable to create social contacts, likes to assert and influence others, shows leadership, has initiative, and is proactive and energetic.


A person's tendency to assert themselves, to try to influence and to convince others and to like to advise them.


A person's tendency to be proactive, to be proactive, to take action, to seek solutions and to make decisions.


Level of energy and endurance that a person demonstrates in their life and work, tend to have a fast pace of life and love to keep busy.

Social competence

Degree to which a person feels comfortable and socially competent. Tendency to be sociable, to reach out to others, to create contacts and to build social bonds

Emotional stability

This dimension of personality can be used to assess the degree to which a person tends to feel negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger and irritation. It also indicates the degree of control she maintains over her negative emotions, her ability to remain calm under pressure and cope with criticism, as well as her degree of impulsiveness.

Stress tolerance

A person's tendency to remain in control of their abilities and to perform well under pressure, to cope adequately with stress and to cope with difficulties.

Anxiety - depression - inverted ladder

A person's degree of confidence and optimism, as opposed to a tendency to suffer from anxiety and depression and to fear the judgment of others.

Impulsivity - inverted scale

A person's tendency to act deliberately rather than impulsively, to make thoughtful decisions and to stay in control of their behaviors rather than giving in to their emotions and desires.

Anger - irritability - inverted scale

Moderation degree of a person, as opposed to a tendency to easily feel anger, frustration and irritation, and ability to maintain control over negative emotions, even when criticized or hurt.

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