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How to subscribe on our digital platform in order to administer psychometric tests?

The average processing time for your request is less than 24 hours.

1 - Make a request by clicking on the link below
2 - Complete the payment information and submit your request
3 - Your request is received and analyzed by our team in order to validate your skills
4 - An administrator account is open for your organization
5 - You receive a confirmation email with your login information
6 - You are ready to start your assessments

Conditions of use:
There is a 1$ registration fee for the platform

No pre-purchase of tests or credits
You are charged only for tests used during the previous month.


Price of unit tests on

Price   in effect until December 31, 2023


Clinical Test – $15

BRIEF – Behavior Rating Inventory Executive Functions
BRIEF 2 – Behavior Rating Inventory Executive Functions - 2
ISP- 4 – Parental Stress Index  4
NEO FFI – Personality test


Vocational test – $20

PROFILE – Vocational test long version
PROFILE VC – Vocational test long version

Cognitive, personality and specialized test – 30 $ 

BGTA – General Aptitude Test Battery
CFIT – Fluid and crystallized intelligence test

NVA – Non-Verbal Analogies Test - matrices
QIRP – Cognitive Ability Test
TAM – Mechanical aptitude test

NEO PI 3 - Personality test, Costa and Mc Crea
IPLC - Personality Test, Le Corff
IPVI 3 - Personality and Interpersonal Values Inventory 3
PAI – Personality Inventory
JPI R – Jackson Personality Inventory
PRF – Jackson Personality Research Questionnaire
DRIVER - Driving Personality Test
ICST- Inventory of Safe Behaviors at work
ISGC R - Inventory of conflict management styles
Interpreted report - Personality test  and Value  – 50$

NEO PI 3  ( NEO INT )- Personality test, Costa and Mc Crea
IPLC – (IPLC INT ) Personality test, Le Corff
EIVT - Integrative Work Value Scale - Le Corff - Busque Carrier

Wally -  Psychometric test  - $125 per report

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