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How to register on our digital platform in order to administer psychometric tests?

1 - Make a request by clicking on the link below
2 - Complete the payment information and submit your request
3 - Your request is received and analyzed by our team in order to validate your skills
4 - An administrator account is open for your organization
5 - You receive a confirmation email with your login information
6 - You are ready to start your assessments

Conditions of use:
There is no registration fee for the platform

No pre-purchase of tests or credits
You are charged only for tests used during the previous month.

The average processing time for your request is less than 24 hours.

Price of unit tests on

Price   in effect until December 31, 2023


Clinical Test – $15

BRIEF – Behavior Rating Inventory Executive Functions
BRIEF 2 – Behavior Rating Inventory Executive Functions - 2
ISP- 4 – Parental Stress Index  4
NEO FFI – Personality test


Vocational test – $20

PROFILE – Vocational test long version
PROFILE VC – Vocational test long version

Cognitive, personality and specialized test – 30 $ 

BGTA – General Aptitude Test Battery
CFIT – Fluid and crystallized intelligence test

NVA – Non-Verbal Analogies Test - matrices
QIRP – Cognitive Ability Test
TAM – Mechanical aptitude test

NEO PI 3 - Personality test, Costa and Mc Crea
IPLC - Personality Test, Le Corff
IPVI 3 - Personality and Interpersonal Values Inventory 3
PAI – Personality Inventory
JPI R – Jackson Personality Inventory
PRF – Jackson Personality Research Questionnaire
DRIVER - Driving Personality Test
ICST- Inventory of Safe Behaviors at work
ISGC R - Inventory of conflict management styles
Interpreted report - Personality test  and Value  – 50$

NEO PI 3  ( NEO INT )- Personality test, Costa and Mc Crea
IPLC – (IPLC INT ) Personality test, Le Corff
EIVT - Integrative Work Value Scale - Le Corff - Busque Carrier

Wally -  Psychometric test  - $125 per report

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